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Better Living Through Technology

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April is here and it’s time to hit the road for Spring Break! Whether you’re driving the kids to Disney, or hopping a plane to Cancun, there’s new technology to make getting there as much fun and as hassle-free as possible. Here are some of my picks for top travel tech:

Pick a destination:

We used to book fabulous rooms at rock-bottom prices. Our destination — the Inn at Morro Bay — lies just inside a State Park, steps from a scenic golf course, and smack dab on one of the most beautiful waterfront vistas in the world. Otters, sea lons and seabirds of every description frolicked just steps away, as sailboats sat anchored below the soaring hulk of Morro Rock…

 In the car: 

  • GMC Terrain Crossover SUV — Inside this crossover SUV you will find smart use of space, premium features like MultiFlex seating, and purposeful technologies, including Active Sound Cancellation, a Rear Vision Camera, USB port, Bluetooth, and a programmable power rear lift gate.
  • The Terrain Rear-Seat Entertainment System with dual-mounted displays lets rear-seat passengers to share the fun, or one can watch a movie while the other plays video games on their display, etc., with each listening on their wireless headphones.
  • SuperTooth Buddy hands-free calling kit fits any car and pairs automatically to any Bluetooth phone for safe (and LEGAL) connectivity from the car
  • Sprint MiFi 3G/4G 4082 Mobile Hotspot by Novatel turns any vehicle — or any place — into a Wi-Fi hotspot capable of supporting up to 5 wireless Web surfers at high speed.

On the plane: 

  • The Apple iPad 2. Need I say more? Loaded with travel-related apps, front and rear video cameras — and its 33% thinner and 15% lighter than the original iPad.
  • A Bluetooth “boom box” that fits in your pocket. From FoxL, you have to see it and hear it to believe it.
  • They say clothes make the man. . .”technology” enabled clothing from Scottevest not only holds all your tech gear, but has so many hidden pockets and compartments, you may be able to ditch your carry-on altogether.

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