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Yes, I watched the unveiling. Nobody hypes like Apple! I used to watch and cover Steve Jobs doing these intros back in the day. Tim Cook’s not the showman Jobs was, but the energy is still there, and the designs (if not all the features…) are still stunning.

Steve Kovsky and Eric Kahnert of San Diego CBS 8

Talking iPhone 11 with Anchorman Eric Kahnert of San Diego CBS 8

CBS8 Eric Kahnert’s Dad Deals: iPhone 11

Apple intro’ed new TV services (AppleTV+), iPads, watches — and of course, iPhones, which are always the show-stealers. Are they a good buy? No — never a bargain when you shop in the Apple Store. These are premium phones with premium features. But $699 for the iPhone 11 is $50 less than the iPhone XR when it debuted, so perhaps Apple is getting the message that the feature-to-price ratio needs to favor the consumer a bit more.

If you still need the best Apple has, the iPhone Pro is the new top-of-the-line and it still sells for $1K.

Are you better off with Android? Depends on what you want to do, and how cool you want to look doing it. The Samsung phones are snazzy, but you won’t save much money on that line of devices. Personally, I’m a cheap date, so I prefer my LG Stylo 4 from Amazon for $170. It does everything I want it to do — no regrets. If you want a few more features for a great price, take the Google Pixel 2 XL from Verizon out for a spin. But I also carry an old iPhone 6S in my other pocket. Why? It’s more secure from hacking, so I use it for my cybersecurity-related work.

The best news for me about the new iPhones is that this makes it the perfect time to buy an older iPhone model: The two-year-old iPhone 8 now starts at $449, and sales will drop that even lower. Check out the deals at the AT&T Store.


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